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We're newlyweds, married March 14th, 2015, who are using natural family planning to grow our family. We use the sympto-thermal method (which means we track NaturalGirl's morning temperature and cervical fluid every day) and use CycleProGo to chart online. When we first married, we decided to use NFP to postpone pregnancy so we could get our finances in order. In October, after 8 months of "trying to avoid," we realized we felt very ready for a baby, and switched to "trying to conceive." We are very excited to see what the next few months bring!

When we first got engaged, we didn't expect to use natural family planning. We abstained from sex prior to marriage, but I had always assumed that once we were married, we would use hormonal birth control. I was so convinced of this that nine months before our wedding, I started taking hormonal contraceptives. I absolutely hated them and quit after two months - luckily, NaturalGuy had anticipated this and persuaded me to look at NFP. We took a Couple to Couple League class to get our feet wet and read everything we could. By our wedding, we had six months of charts and were ready to take the plunge.

We are very happy we discovered NFP. We like that NFP respects both our bodies as-is, rather than seeing fertility as a disease to be medicated away. We like the flexibility of NFP - each month we can discern whether we wish to postpone or achieve pregnancy. We like that there are no side effects, no moral quandaries, and no barrier methods!

When we first looked into using NFP, we weren't able to find very many real-life stories of young couples learning and using NFP.  We're hoping this website helps fill that void, but ultimately, we're blogging (selfishly) to record our experiences :)

Obviously, we have interests outside of NFP! We met at a highly regarded tech school, where we both graduated with degrees in computer science and mathematics. This perhaps helps to explain our love of statistics and studies. We're currently both pursuing careers in software development. We love travelling and hope to visit Australia, Russia, and the Caribbean soon. We also like cooking, gardening, and improving our tiny apartment.

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