Wednesday, March 23, 2016

What we've been thinking about in March

We've had a busy, busy month! We're catching our breaths this Holy Week and looking forward to celebrating Easter with family. Then we're starting the next whirlwind of a month. We've had lots to think about this month, including

  •  Marriage - We've been thinking a lot about marriage because we just had our first anniversary. It is a joy to recall our wedding and the tremendous growth we've seen in the past year. What a whirlwind! And we suspect the next year will bring even more change and growth.
  • How to best share the ups and downs of learning and practicing NFP, especially when we teach couples who are struggling to move away from a contraceptive mindset and become more open to life.
  • Our families of origin and how they shape our lives, even now that we've married and live hundreds of miles away. It seems like parents and in-laws have a huge effect on how couples receive a new baby - they can either be a huge encouragement or discouragement. 
Hopefully there will be some blog posts on these topics and others in the next month!