• Live the Love - The Couple to Couple League's new site promoting NFP, as well as their main site.
  • Living the Sacrament - A website with information on different NFP methods, as well as an active forum for women using NFP. The site is dedicated to a Catholic view of sexuality and marriage. There is also a forum for men, but it is much less active. The forums are private, but it is easy to be approved.
  • Ovagraph - the website companion to "Taking Charge of Your Fertility." Features secular information and forums, although the community is more directed towards achieving pregnancy.
  • Other methods:
    • Billings Ovulation Method - a mucus only method (in contrast to the sympto-thermal method, that uses temperature too).
    • Creighton Method - another mucus only method.
    • Marquette Method  - a woman tests her urine using test strips and a fertility monitor to predict ovulation. Often used along with mucus/temperature observations.


Taking Charge of Your Fertility

  • A secular guide and reference book for the fertility awareness method, with a comprehensive look at charting to prevent or achieve pregnancy.
  • Includes sections on charting after pregnancy and during menopause.
  • Includes discussion of using barrier methods during fertile times.
  • Your local library probably has it!

The Art of Natural Family Planning (Student Guide)

  • A new, short "how to" for natural family planning, including information on preventing and achieving pregnancy.
  • Includes exercises and sample charts to practice your new found knowledge.
  • A Catholic publication, with sections explaining Catholic teachings on marriage and sex.
  • Does not include instructions for menopause or childbirth (there are two other short books for these).

The Art of Natural Family Planning (4th Edition)

  • An older (1996) comprehensive reference book to natural family planning, including preventing or achieving pregnancy.
  • Includes sections about charting after pregnancy or during menopause.
  • Includes special rules for charting with a-typical cervical fluid or temperature patterns.
  • A Catholic publication, with sections explaining Catholic teachings on marriage and sex.

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