Sunday, August 2, 2015

Cervical Fluid Photo Diary

When I first started charting, I found  classifying cervical fluid to be difficult. I found it incredibly useful to take photos of what I was seeing - then I could compare days more easily after the fact, or even ask our instructing couple for their opinion. I haven't taken photos in a couple months, but think it was a great trick for learning. Also, I think it would make a great add-on to most charting apps.

These photos span from day 9 to day 16 of the cycle. Day 1-6 were menstruation and days 7 and 8 were dry with no observed mucus, so nothing to photograph. Days 17-20 were the same very stretchy mucus as day 16. First day of drying up and temperature rise was day 21.

A note on terminology: We use the CCL classifications for sensation and cervical fluid. The sensation descriptions are dry, moist, wet, and wet/slippery. The cervical fluid descriptions are none, tacky, and stretchy/watery.

Day 9 - Dry, Tacky
Small amount of yellow/redish mucus.
Rubber cement texture.

Day 10 - Dry, Tacky
Small amount of tacky, yellow mucus.

Day 11 - Moist, Tacky
White, opaque, sticky.
Day 12, Moist, Tacky
White, creamy.
Day 13 - Moist, Stretchy
Mostly opaque, stretchy.
Day 14 - Wet, Stretchy
Clear and opaque, stretchy.
Day 15 - Wet, Stretchy
Clear, stretchy.
Day 16 - Wet/Slippery, Stretchy
Clear, very stretchy, feel slippery.

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