Sunday, April 26, 2015

Actually, this is my new favorite video!

New favorite website and video!

I discovered my new favorite NFP website. It's a great secular intro to NFP - the type of website I can see myself emailing to friends when I'm sick of answering questions myself!

CCL also released a new video promoting NFP as pro-health and pro-environment.

Wonky Cycle

This weekend, NaturalGuy and I spent some time looking over all of our charts. I have 4 very consistent charts - 37 or 38 days, which ovulation on the 26th or 27th. However, I have one chart, from the months right before our wedding, that is extremely long! NaturalGuy noticed something very strange - it's almost exactly twice the length of my normal cycle.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Things to Avoid - Pthalates, BPA, and Parabens

NaturalGuy and I have been looking into what we should be limiting our exposure to, for general health but also for fertility and pregnancy. Last night we watched an interesting documentary on the environmental impact of certain endocrine disruptors on boys and men.

We've been slowly working on reducing our exposure to pthalates, BPA, and parabens. BPA, pthalates, and parabens are all linked to endocrine disruption - they mimic the effect of estrogen in the body, disrupting the normal regulation of hormones. Pthalates and BPA are both found in plastics. Pthalates make plastics flexible and soft. BPA is used to make plastics rigid and clear. Parabens are used as preservatives in food and cosmetics.

5 things we've learned about sex in 5 weeks of marriage

NaturalGuy and I have been married for 5 weeks!!! Here's what we've learned so far:

  1. It can be tricky to get the hang of sex. While wedding night sex was very meaningful and special, it was also incredibly uncomfortable for me, despite being relaxed and using a ton of lube. In fact, it took about two weeks before it was really comfortable. 
  2. UTI's are hell on earth. Also, yeast infections and oral thrush brought on by the antibiotics taken for said UTI. That being said, it is fun to check the "sexually active" box for the first time on a medical form.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Interesting Video and Book Recommendation

I watched this and thought it was so interesting. It seems that a lot of my friends use hormonal birth control for similar reasons - for more stable moods, etc. I'll have to see if I can get a library copy of the book.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Argh. UTI's, Yeast Infections, and General Misery!

Friday evening I went from feeling 100% at 5:00 pm to sitting in Urgent Care getting an antibiotic prescription for a UTI at 7:30. The antibiotic wasn't ready to pick up until 11:00 pm (pharmacy mix up coupled with insurance screw up!), by which point I was literally crying at the pharmacy in pain. Thank God NaturalGuy was there to take care of me!

The antibiotics are doing their job - perhaps a bit too well, since I now have a yeast infection too. I just can't catch a break!

Will hopefully be posting something more interesting when medicine isn't making me so sleepy :(

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Finding a doctor?

NaturalGuy and I are having the worst time finding a pro-life general practitioner/ob-gyn/midwife. We'd really like to find a doctor to take care of routine well-woman care, and we'd like someone who is understanding of us using NFP. When I get pregnant, we'd like a doctor who thinks they're treating two people. But we're having a terrible job finding someone!

We've tried googling, contacting our local parish, calling the Couple to Couple League, and calling our local pro-life crisis pregnancy centers. No luck! We're in a major urban area - why is this so hard!?Argh.