Friday, May 8, 2015


I've had a busy couple of weeks! Between job interviews and moving to a bigger apartment (finally, a 1-bedroom!!!), we've been running around trying to stay organized.

We finally found a pro-life doctor who knows NFP! She's trained in the Creighton method but seemed to understand our sympto-thermal charts. I think she was surprised that so much of sympto-thermal charts is based on mucus? And she certainly felt Creighton was a better method than the sympto-thermal method - she thought that taking your temperature every morning would drive anyone crazy. Personally, We haven't found it to be bad at all. But regardless, she was very good about reading our charts and giving advice, and she seemed to understand where we were coming from, so I'm happy. Her practice also includes midwives, another huge plus in my books.

We've switched from using Kindara to using the CCL's CycleProGo website/app. I wanted to switch because I got sick of Kindara's charts - they're beautiful on the phone screen, but there's no good way to print them. Also, the Kindara community is kinda weird - there's a lot of people who don't seem to know what they're doing giving advice. The down side of CycleProGo are that it's a slightly clunky website/app and it costs $35/year. But overall, much happier with it.

Aside from that, life has been pretty boring. We're waiting for me to finally ovulate (day 32! Argh!) and are REALLY looking forward to the end of this long round of abstinence. My new doctor suggested trying the supplement Vitex to make my cycle more regular. Also, trying to figure out which rules we can apply to our future charts in order to abstain less. We're looking for a new CCL teaching couple, since the couple who taught the course we took seems disinterested in actually looking at our charts. I've recently acquired three books about NFP - "The Garden of Fertility," an old CCL book on ecological breastfeeding, and the 1980 edition of "The Billings Method." Interesting stuff, and perhaps the topic of a future post!

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