Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Question You Should Never Ask

"Why don't you have a baby!?"
"Do you have any... news?"
"We need a grandkid/niece/nephew by Halloween/Christmas/Easter!"

NaturalGuy and I got so many questions this Christmas season about babies - whether we were currently expecting, when we planned on having them, and why there wasn't one already.

We've got an answer to the first question - nope! We wish we had answers to the other two. There's really no polite way to say, "oh, we planned on 3 months ago!" or "we had financial reasons to wait until recently, but believe me we're trying!" I can't imagine the looks we'd get from acquaintances at holiday parties if I told the truth. There's no polite way to discuss how we're timing sex at a holiday party!

In other news, the never-ending cycle is close to ending - I finally ovulated on day 59! Last December I had a cycle of similar length (ovulated day 60). We're waiting for my period and hoping it doesn't show up. We're very excited to see what happens this cycle and hoping that if we're still trying, the next cycles are of a more normal length.

What I've been reading lately:
A study related to using NFP to conceive.

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