Tuesday, March 3, 2015

5 Benefits to Natural Family Planning Before Marriage

  1. We've gotten very comfortable discussing the human body. After discussing the consistency and color of my cervical mucus, not much else is "too gross" to talk about.
  2. We've been extra-motivated to get our financial lives in order. We've paid off student debt, saved significant amounts, and, after the wedding (aka "the money drain") is over, we're on track to live off one of our incomes, while putting the rest away for savings.
  3. My health is front-and-center, and as a result, so is NaturalGuy's. Keeping track of my fertility on a daily basis reminds us of our health daily, and reminds both of us of the importance of healthy eating and exercise. 
  4. We have given a lot of thought to how we would handle a honeymoon baby! By coming to terms with what it would be like to become parents right after becoming husband and wife, we have developed a deeper appreciation for how significant children will be to our marriage.
  5. We are much more prepared for marriage! 

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