Monday, June 8, 2015

10 things to do during the fertile phase

NaturalGuy and I are abstaining at the moment - we're seeing fertile mucus earlier than in previous cycles and we're hoping that means I ovulate earlier as well :) Last night we went to a talk on discerning, as a Catholic, that your vocation is marriage. Obviously we'd already done the discerning! But it was certainly interesting to listen to a deacon talk about dating and very fun to talk to some people we'd met at previous talks.

During the talk, one woman asked the deacon whether abstaining during the fertile phase while married was the same as abstaining before marriage. To me, this was an unexpected question.

Of course abstinence within marriage to avoid pregnancy is different! For one thing, there is nothing immoral about making love with your spouse. Perhaps you have both agreed to avoid intercourse to postpone pregnancy, but that's a mutual agreement and it feels very different from believing that you shouldn't have sex because it would be wrong. There are many times spouses decide to not make love, sometimes to prevent pregnancy, but also because of sickness, tiredness, busyness, and lack of privacy!

There's also so many things you aren't trying to avoid inside marriage. It's not like husbands and wives are moving into different beds and no longer sharing bathrooms because it's the fertile phase. Physical affection is still being shown! With that, 15 ideas for date nights during the fertile phase -

10. Double date.
9. Host a dinner party. 
8. Game night - pull out the board games or the pack of cards.
7. Do something physical - hike, dance, etc.
6. Go on an adventure - try a new museum, restaurant, etc.
5. Pick a new recipe and make it together.
4. Work on a craft project for your future children.
3. Recreate your first date.
2. Movie night at home.
1. Make romantic plans for the infertile phase!!!

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