Wednesday, August 26, 2015

CANFP Conference was AWESOME!!!

This past Saturday NaturalGuy and I went the CANFP annual conference. It was fantastic! Great talks and an awesome opportunity to network. The highlights:

  • We got to hear the creator of the movie "Eggsploitation" speak about the ethical issues with IVF and the serious health hazards of donating eggs. We watched the movie a few days later and I highly recommend it. It isn't directly related to NFP but it is a very good documentary!
  • There were couples representing Creighton, Billings, and several sympto-thermal methods. It was very neat to have so many methods under the same roof. There were also a ton of teachers as well as nurses and doctors. We even got a few more recommendations for NFP-friendly doctors in our area.
  • We talked to a few CCL teaching couples and they encouraged us to consider taking the teacher training. It's been on our minds lately and we're thinking about it. 
I highly recommend seeing if your state has a similar organization! It's an awesome chance to meet other couples using NFP, as well as NFP knowledgeable professions. We couldn't have had a more productive weekend.

I'll probably be posting more about the conference this weekend - we're exhausted from our extra busy weekend and extra busy week.

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