Saturday, October 25, 2014

Charting apps?

I've been looking for a good app/spreadsheet/computer program for charting, and so far I have not been impressed with what I've found. I'm using the CycleProGo's website currently, but the interface is clumsy and slow and I'm pretty certain I'll want to switch.

Here's what I want from the chart:
  • An easy way to input observations.
  • Automatic calculations for
    • Temperature shift.
    • Longest/shortest cycle
    • Luteal count.
  • A chart view that superimposes cervical fluid observations, cervix observations, and temperature, so I can see them together.

And then there are the extra things I want for ease of use:
  • Export chart info to excel document.
  • Print chart to pdf.
  • Pull up charts online.
What I don't want:
  • Navigation that dates the software to the 90's.
  • Pages that freeze.
  • "Trying to conceive" focused suggestions.
I'm slowly coming to the conclusion that I may have to make this myself...

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