Thursday, October 16, 2014

Materials for NFP class arrived!

We're starting our Couple to Couple League NFP class next weekend, and the "getting started" packet just arrived. It contains a textbook, "The Art of Natural Family Planning," a book on nutrition and fertility, a thermometer, and charts.

The textbook, "The Art of Natural Family Planning," looks very useful. It's easy to read and has charts to practice interpreting. It clearly explains guidelines to avoid pregnancy, and explains how to apply these guidelines to unusual situations, like discontinuing birth control. I think it provides much more "how to" instruction in preventing pregnancy than "Taking Charge of Your Fertility." The textbook's target audience is engaged or married Catholics and parts of the text, especially the explanations of Catholic theology, reminded me a little too much of high school religion class.

The nutrition book, "Fertility, Cycles, and Nutrition: Self-care for improved cycles and fertility," is more of reference book. It includes sections on a variety of issues common to menstrual cycles, fertility, and pregnancy. There are suggestions on general nutrition as well as on supplements.

I think the biggest advantage of enrolling in a CCL class is the membership to CCL. In addition to being enrolled in NFP classes, we'll be able to get help with interpreting our charts from teaching couples (experienced charters who've been trained to teach and assist). We're looking forward to our first class!

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