Monday, October 20, 2014

Timeline for learning NFP while engaged

It's often advised that couples collect 3 to 6 months of observations before using NFP to avoid pregnancy. This means that it's best for couples to start using NFP during their engagement. Here's the recommended timeline:
  • 12 months before wedding - If you're using hormonal birth control for non-contraceptive purposes, meet with your doctor and discuss discontinuing it. 
  • 10 months before wedding - Find an NFP-friendly doctor. Ask about any health problems or medications that might effect pregnancy. 
  • 9 months before wedding - Research different types of NFP (here's a thorough list). Consider what would work best for both of you. Read everything you can about it.
  • 8 months before wedding - Start observing fertility signs. Get familiar with your cycle and develop the habit of carefully recording your observations.
  • 6 months before wedding - Enroll in an NFP class. (Catholic hospitals and churches often keep lists of instructors and classes). By the time your class rolls around, you will have a few months of data, making the class more interesting and much easier to follow.
  • 5 months before wedding - Attend NFP classes.
  • 1 months before wedding - Review the 6 months of charts you've collected and  look forward to your wedding!
  • The wedding!!! - Put what you've learned into action :D

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