Saturday, October 25, 2014

First Couple to Couple League Class

We had our first formal Couple to Couple League class today. There were four student couples, including us. The teaching couple was in their late 50's and had used NFP for 20+ years. We met in a classroom of a nearby Catholic church/school.

There are two things we really liked about the class:

  • It was helpful to practice analyzing charts.
  • We're looking forward to sharing our charts with the teaching couple in three weeks, at the second class.

There were a few things we didn't like too. The presentation materials were outdated (holy 1980's hairstyles!). The teaching couple was very religious which made the two of us a bit uncomfortable. Finally, the teaching couple emphasized how terrible hormonal control was which was just weird in the context. I think all three of these vary based on teaching couple, so your experience may vary.

Overall, the class was interesting. We felt that everything covered so far could easily be learned by reading "The Art of Natural Family Planning" or "Taking Charge of Your Fertility," but it was a good chance to review it.

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