Monday, October 13, 2014

Preparing for pregnancy

While we will be using natural family planning to delay pregnancy, we're simultaneously preparing for pregnancy and children.

  • Health - We're both trying to eat healthier and exercise more, which is great for overall health. Additionally, I'm limiting the amount of high-mercury fish I eat, and will be starting folic acid supplements about a month before we marry.
  • Childcare - I'm planning on being a stay-at-home mum, but we're leaving the option of me returning to work open.
  • Healthcare - Pregnancy care and delivery are 100% covered by insurance. I've found an ob/gyn that I like.
  • Finances -  If we keep our current spending habits, we'll be able to live on one income after marriage, with wiggle room for the added expenses of children. We'll be practicing living on one income while saving the difference as long as we're both working. We have no debt, and we've already saved $5,000 already for our "baby fund. "We hope to have $10,000 saved before we marry.
To keep track of our preparation goals, we made this spreadsheet template. (Feel free to use it if you find it helpful. It's set to "view only", but you can make a copy, which can then be edited).

The strangest thing about these preparations is realizing that an unexpected pregnancy would be a happy occasion for us, even though just a few years ago, pregnancy was terrifying. What a difference good jobs and the security of marriage makes!

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